Fabien’s cured/smoked ham with lentils

FabienĀ (Babu) is a soul brother who I met in my final year at uni when he started dating my housemate – a year later the three of us moved to Paris and had a ballĀ in the world’s most beautiful city. We lived in a duplex apartment in the Marais and while Nathalie found work relatively easily, it was tougher for us. During the down times, Babu and I used to wake late, watch music TV (the Spice Girls were everywhere)Read more

Anne’s gratin dauphinois

Anne Philit was a French au pair in the neighbouring village to mine during the summer before I went to study in Avignon. We spent our summer helping each other learn our respective languages while walking my dog through the fields that joined our villages and preparing meals for the kids she was looking after. What strikes me about Anne is her ease and grace. She is patient, kind and always willing to help. It is through her that IRead more

Ashley’s beef stew with smoked oysters

This really should be called Ashley’s anxious beef stew with smoked oysters. While I love quick to prepare, slow-cooked one-pot meals, the fact that you often have to leave the house while they are cooking fills with dread (what if it burns, what if it catches fire, what if I raze the house to the ground?). That’s why this one cooks overnight. I live in a small flat, my kitchen is in my living room, the sink elsewhere, and IRead more

Toby’s treats

Why is there a dog recipe on a food blog for humans? Simple, if you are making Lucy’s liver and onions then make this. Your dog will love you even more for it. Toby was a good dog, he travelled around Europe with us, in the back of the car across several countries. He wasn’t the most well behaved dog around, but he was a lot of fun and people loved him, the eye patch help, his cheeky demeanour more so.Read more

Henri’s goats cheese & onion frittata

I met Henri when she was dating her then boyfriend, and now husband, Sam (creator of the Turkish fish stew). Henri made a huge impact on me – she’s not loud, she’s not over-the-top but she is engaging and interested in everyone. I see this in Henri’s work; she is a talented artist who doesn’t restrict herself to one medium – she works in two-dimensions but creates landscapes which you feel you can walk into and explore. Browse her websiteRead more

Claudie’s classic French vinaigrette

This staple comes from Claudie, my landlady while I was a student in Avignon. While my friends were struggling in social housing, I’d managed to land a top floor flat of a second Empire house in the centre of Avignon with a family who genuinely cared for each other – and me the interloper. One of the conditions of me staying with Claudie and her family was to have dinner with them every Thursday. This is where I learned toRead more