George’s bubble & squeak

I never knew my paternal granddad, if I did apparently I’d have had to call him George. His story is brave, romantic and inspiring and his influence on me and my sisters remains to this day. George was born in 1902 and served in the navy in the first world war.; it seems he may have lied about his age as his service record starts in 1916. This was all before he met my nan, Dolly, who was born 20Read more

Amara’s resurrection of Cleopatra’s pudding

I’ve met Amara a few times at a mutual friend’s book launches and birthday party. Amara has an ease of elegance, a great wit and a relaxed demeanour and she’s also one of the smartest cookies I’ve met; she’s a post-doc researching the history of archaeology. And it’s fascinating, the real life stuff Indiana Jones is made of. This recipe is the result of one of Amara’s pieces of research. I’ve condensed and tweaked it for here, but I really encourageRead more

Cousin Barbara’s herb salad with sweet onions

Cousin Barbara was a forthright, straight-backed, straight-talking thoroughly British girl with an expansive bosom and big heart. She was the kind of woman who, if you tried to mug her, you could expect a smack in the chops for your efforts. Barbara was my dad’s cousin and her life, like many others, was shaped by the war. She was a Land Girl and learnt everything about plants, trees and flowers while digging for Britain. She used her horticultural skills and madeRead more

M de Lambert’s rabbit with wild mushroom tagliatelle

M de Lambert is a small, quiet but imposing man, watching out for those under his roof, providing advice and a dirty joke or two when the situation needed. While I can’t remember any of the jokes, I can remember laughing so hard I almost prolapsed. He played a small but significant role in my year abroad in Avignon. My besties Harriet and Kate had just ‘escaped’ from some terrible social housing to rent rooms in M de Lambert’s palatial duplex,Read more