Brooklyn beet eggs

While with Erinn in Brooklyn, she took me to one of her local haunts – the Krupa Grocery where I had two food epiphanies: the shrimp burger and a dish called Chicken & Egg – chicken liver parfait, devilled egg and candied cocoa nibs. The Chicken and Egg impressed me so much I went back for seconds. I love old school dishes brought up to date and made exceptional. The stand out element of this dish is the beet pickledRead more

Jarod’s birthday bream

Every boy needs a birthday dinner, none more so than my other half, Jarod (he of the cauliflower cheese). He deserves a reward for putting up with me for so long and this year we decided to throw a dinner party to celebrate him edging a step closer to 50. Cooking for large numbers can be a real pain, especially when you’ve got an oven for four people with a changeable attitude to temperature and you’ve had a skinful whileRead more

Erinn’s Bánh mì (pork roll)

Erinn and I, as many do, met over a chance encounter in a pub, off Kensington Gardens. Three hours, four meals, five bottles of wine and two confused dogs later we bonded. We’ve been friends ever since. A lot’s changed since then; lovers and husbands come and ago, dogs grow old and sadly people move. I moved down the road, Erinn moved to Park Slope in Brooklyn where she single-handedly renovated a beautiful town house to keep its original features yetRead more

Grandma’s lamb with cinnamon gravy

My Grandmother was a genteel woman. I grew up in the northern home counties so a trip to the Sussex coast was always a highlight – sea, sun when it graced our presence and the promise of great food. Mabs was typical of her generation, born at the beginning of the 20th Century and lived through two wars; one as a child, the other as a grown up. Her approach to food was honest, and for her age, daring. SheRead more