Guard of honour for family and dogs

Jarod and I have just spent a week in a cottage on a working farm in Cornwall (more on that in another post coming soon). Our daily routine was dotted with hungry chickens, nosy dogs (meet Bobby below), braying horses and some of the best fresh food this country has to offer. It would’ve been rude not to make the most of it. My family live down the road and I cooked this  lamb dish for them. It’s another oneRead more

Quarter century cacio e pepe

I recreated this dish after trying it on a trip to Rome with friends I’ve know for 25 years. As a group we’ve lost loved ones, lost body parts and lost swathes of our memories through over indulgence of booze. Equally, we have helped each other through each of these episodes. Our family are our nearest but our friends, those we choose to have in our lives, are our dearest. Here are mine… Lucy I met Lucy while I wasRead more

Mama’s coniglio in umido

Silvia is my colleague, a me for Europe. Her refined elegance is a counterbalance to my awkwardness and her clarity sheds light in the chaos I often wreak. This recipe is her mother’s and translates as ‘rabbit stew’, the words are her own and the pictures are exquisite. Thank you Mama! Sweet and sour stewed rabbit – My mom’s way My mom comes from a wonderful and tough region of Italy, Sardinia. Sardinia smells of fennel and dried salt and tastesRead more

Jarod’s herring, beets & dill

My other half is a personal trainer, massage therapist and the brains behind Kamikaze Angel, the grooming artillery for men. This keeps him busy, all day, most days and in need of a good, quick-to-put-together feed at the end of the day. This is another great dish of his that is quick and easy to assemble; there’s no culinary expertise here except Jarod’s defined palate that created it. If you can get them, get fresh herring, failing that, mackerel worksRead more