Easy-yet-no-way-authentic saltimbocca

This recipe applies the adage I use for dogs but for humans- if you want people to love it, wrap it in bacon. This is a go-to staple of mine and while it’s inspired by saltimbocca it really isn’t one. I cook this a lot because Jarod and I eat a lot of fish… a lot; this is an equally healthy and easy alternative and cooks in the same amount of time. Traditional saltimbocca (all Romana)¬†uses veal, parma ham, sageRead more

Rock cakes inspired by Pear Tree Cottage

As mentioned previously, we just spent a week in a cottage on a working farm in North Cornwall. We were made to feel at home by Greta (our hostess), her family and all the animals on the farm… meet Tuppence, a particular favourite of ours. It’s the small touches that make Pear Tree Cottage an experience over a stay; none more so than the welcome plate of rock cakes, made by Greta. A simple gesture, a simple recipe yet itRead more