Resurrection: 1936 spiced pickled pears

I’ve just come back from visiting an old university friend in Stroud, Gloucestershire. While down there we did a tour of the charity shops and I discovered a 1936 edition of Cookery Illustrated & Household Management for the bargain price of £1.50. There are two things charming about this book. The first is that it has chapters with titles like ‘Entertaining without a Maid’ which, considering when it was published and the growing clouds of war looming, seems a uniquely BritishRead more

Baked Camembert & warm fruit topping for everyone

I’ve put on my brave face and started my hibernation in preparation for the longer colder nights; and there’s nothing better than baked cheese and berries to add that extra layer of comfort we all need to get through the long winter nights. This recipe is less about the cheese and more about the topping (insert your own gay innuendo here). The toppings in this recipe can be used with chicken, pork and room temperature cheese as well. What I’veRead more

Torrijas for Caleb via Milagros

I’d not cooked torrijas (luxury French toast, but from Spain) for nearly a quarter of a century but was reminded of them at a recent dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was taught how to make them by Milagros, my little old lady neighbour from Calle Cervantes in Zaragoza, northern Spain – a kindly dueña who took a shine to her rowdy English student neighbours. Caleb is like my partner Jarod – his job is to bring out theRead more