Cousin Barbara’s herb salad with sweet onions

Cousin Barbara was a forthright, straight-backed, straight-talking thoroughly British girl with an expansive bosom and big heart. She was the kind of woman who, if you tried to mug her, you could expect a smack in the chops for your efforts. Barbara was my dad’s cousin and her life, like many others, was shaped by the war. She was a Land Girl and learnt everything about plants, trees and flowers while digging for Britain. She used her horticultural skills and madeRead more

Spicy sugar-free popcorn

Two things inspired this post – the health-kick that everyone, including myself, has been on since a particularly indulgent end of 2016 (it was a terrible year so it needed to go out in a fit of gluttony). The other reason is that I have this batch of sumac that I just can’t stop using. I’ve moved to a new floor of the office where the sugar-free diet seems to reign supreme (not over me, not ever). The canteen has low-fatRead more