Cauliflower cheese for Jarod

Jarod is my other half, from South Australia via Sydney. The word that sums up our relationship is synchronicity. We met by fluke, online, with a 30 second window. He won my heart with his humour; I won his with a chicken salad. Over the 4+ years of our relationship we’ve travelled the world, been spoilt rotten but above all we have had a bloody good laugh. At the centre of it all has been food – Christmas Day lobstersRead more

Double-dipped Porchetta veal chops for Damien

Damien I met (innocently) on Hampstead Heath when he was showing his new pup (not a euphemism) off to everyone. Since then, we’ve had riotous holidays in Sitges, great parties at his flat in Islington and a fun Christmas in Zurich (now his home). But it’s Italy where both Damien and I really relax. Damien has a home in the hills outside Perugia and he is generous in his invitations for me to visit him there. We both lead manicRead more

Lucy’s liver and onions with polenta

I met Lucy in Avignon where our friendship cemented over a manic birthday party on the terrace of her tiny flat from which, if you strained hard enough, you could see the Palais des Papes in the distance. We spent most of our time drinking coffee up to lunch, wine over lunch, and beer with dinner while smoking heavily and playing whist. We explored Provence heavily in between. Lucy and I have laughed, a lot. On one occasion we had aRead more