Fabien’s cured/smoked ham with lentils

Fabien (Babu) is a soul brother who I met in my final year at uni when he started dating my housemate – a year later the three of us moved to Paris and had a ball in the world’s most beautiful city. We lived in a duplex apartment in the Marais and while Nathalie found work relatively easily, it was tougher for us. During the down times, Babu and I used to wake late, watch music TV (the Spice Girls were everywhere)Read more

Tagliata for Sarah (aka Drag Queen steak)

Sarah is my partner Jarod’s best friend. Sarah got married in Modica, Sicily and threw a three-day bash where she spoilt each and everyone of us with food, booze and trips to the beach. We spoilt her with a drag show full glitter, glamour and polyester wigs. You’ve not known fear until you’re confronted with three hairy gays in gold lame looking at you for their cue with love in their hearts and murder in their eyes lest you cockRead more

Neither hurried nor harried eggs

Until I met Jarod, I was never a big egg eater, with fried eggs being a particular challenge. Jarod inhales eggs any which way they come. There’s a myth that scrambled eggs are quick and easy to make. That’s half true. Easy? Yes. quick? No. If you knock up scrambled eggs in under five minutes, you’ve done the humble egg a great disservice. The key with these scrambled eggs is in the cooking. The very, very slow cooking and this recipeRead more