Toby’s treats

Why is there a dog recipe on a food blog for humans? Simple, if you are making Lucy’s liver and onions then make this. Your dog will love you even more for it. Toby was a good dog, he travelled around Europe with us, in the back of the car across several countries. He wasn’t the most well behaved dog around, but he was a lot of fun and people loved him, the eye patch help, his cheeky demeanour more so.Read more

Italian Sausage on orange and caper salad

Firstly, sorry for the long pause in publishing – sometimes life takes over. But I’m back and fully refreshed after two Mediterranean breaks in quick succession. One of my breaks was in Sicily and this recipe is classically Sicilian; marrying the best of the region in one simple dish packed full of unusual combinations. We headed to Modica, a crowded, tightly packed town full of Baroque charm, Aztec recipe chocolate and charm. I discovered this dish when the other halfRead more

Jarod’s herring, beets & dill

My other half is a personal trainer, massage therapist and the brains behind Kamikaze Angel, the grooming artillery for men. This keeps him busy, all day, most days and in need of a good, quick-to-put-together feed at the end of the day. This is another great dish of his that is quick and easy to assemble; there’s no culinary expertise here except Jarod’s defined palate that created it. If you can get them, get fresh herring, failing that, mackerel worksRead more