Amara’s resurrection of Cleopatra’s pudding

I’ve met Amara a few times at a mutual friend’s book launches and birthday party. Amara has an ease of elegance, a great wit and a relaxed demeanour and she’s also one of the smartest cookies I’ve met; she’s a post-doc researching the history of archaeology. And it’s fascinating, the real life stuff Indiana Jones is made of. This recipe is the result of one of Amara’s pieces of research. I’ve condensed and tweaked it for here, but I really encourageRead more

Easy-yet-no-way-authentic saltimbocca

This recipe applies the adage I use for dogs but for humans- if you want people to love it, wrap it in bacon. This is a go-to staple of mine and while it’s inspired by saltimbocca it really isn’t one. I cook this a lot because Jarod and I eat a lot of fish… a lot; this is an equally healthy and easy alternative and cooks in the same amount of time. Traditional saltimbocca (all Romana) uses veal, parma ham, sageRead more