Wild mushroom and chicken risotto for Ruby

This dish was created for Ruby during a trip we all took to Chamonix earlier this year. While they all went ski-ing, I stayed with my feet firmly planted on the ground and went hiking along the Grand and Petit Balcons – beautiful Alpine walks through woods and over steep drops. As with all four year olds, Ruby is defined and determined in what she will and will not eat – and the theme for the day was mushrooms. AndRead more

Italian Sausage on orange and caper salad

Firstly, sorry for the long pause in publishing – sometimes life takes over. But I’m back and fully refreshed after two Mediterranean breaks in quick succession. One of my breaks was in Sicily and this recipe is classically Sicilian; marrying the best of the region in one simple dish packed full of unusual combinations. We headed to Modica, a crowded, tightly packed town full of Baroque charm, Aztec recipe chocolate and charm. I discovered this dish when the other halfRead more

Spicy sugar-free popcorn

Two things inspired this post – the health-kick that everyone, including myself, has been on since a particularly indulgent end of 2016 (it was a terrible year so it needed to go out in a fit of gluttony). The other reason is that I have this batch of sumac that I just can’t stop using. I’ve moved to a new floor of the office where the sugar-free diet seems to reign supreme (not over me, not ever). The canteen has low-fatRead more

Sumac & lemon chicken with a cucumber cooler

Firstly, my apologies. It’s been an age since my last post but the truth is, it was Christmas, I’m dieting and doing Dry January. A perfect culinary s***storm that left me bereft of time and motivation but I’m back. And I am hungry. I’ve pulled this together after my friend Ursula brought me back some sumac from Morrocco. It’s a spice which packs some heat and depth without the fire breathing longevity of chilli. It has a lemony quality thatRead more

Wild mushroom and black pepper chicken winter warmer

I date an Australian, I’m surrounded by Australians, I love Australians. Except in winter. The moaning about the wet, the wind, the cold and the dark never ends. To help the long winter nights fly a little faster, I throw good intentions out the window and embrace indulgence with reckless abandon. This dish helps me do all this in under an hour. The key to making this one-pot warmer a success is reducing the mushroom liquor till it’s thick andRead more

Resurrection: 1936 spiced pickled pears

I’ve just come back from visiting an old university friend in Stroud, Gloucestershire. While down there we did a tour of the charity shops and I discovered a 1936 edition of Cookery Illustrated & Household Management for the bargain price of £1.50. There are two things charming about this book. The first is that it has chapters with titles like ‘Entertaining without a Maid’ which, considering when it was published and the growing clouds of war looming, seems a uniquely BritishRead more

Baked Camembert & warm fruit topping for everyone

I’ve put on my brave face and started my hibernation in preparation for the longer colder nights; and there’s nothing better than baked cheese and berries to add that extra layer of comfort we all need to get through the long winter nights. This recipe is less about the cheese and more about the topping (insert your own gay innuendo here). The toppings in this recipe can be used with chicken, pork and room temperature cheese as well. What I’veRead more