Who’s Pug?

Why Pug’s Kitchen? That’s my nickname, and has been for the best part of 40 years.

My family history is steeped in food. My mum, my Duchess, grew up in the forties in a dockers’ cafe on George Row in Bermondsey. The building’s long gone but the memory of the cafe, my grandparents and my mum, but most importantly the food they served up, is still remembered long after they’ve all left us.

That’s her in the sombrero.

Mum and friends (that's her best friend Yvonne at the front) at the beach circa 1945
Mum and friends (that’s her best friend Yvonne at the front) at the beach circa 1945

My dad studied at Vincent Square Catering College in the fifties. By his own admission he was a disaster but the love of food he had then still exists today and it’s this passion for good solid food that inspires me every day.

Dad – My sisters and I all have variations of this picture somewhere where we see it every day

I’m not a chef, I’ve never studied food and this site is not about chef-y recipes. It does two things: it shares solid recipes and also tells the story of the people behind them. I’ll add the recipes with the personal tales of the people behind them here.

If you have a story and recipe you want to share, drop me a line drop me a line

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